A Million Voices


Nicholas Sjöberg, Copywriter
Marcus Langenskiöld, Digital strategic
Sabina Beldelius, Digital creative
Johanna Säll, Public Relations
Sofie Bengtsson, Strategic Communication
Henrik Wedberg, Strategic Communication
Hannah Mattsson, Communication Design




UR a broadcasting company part of the public service in Sweden wants to reach a new target group - young adults. The target group has little knowledge about UR and their content, even though UR strives to provide them with relevant content that can have an impact on their lives.


Studies show that media and high decision makers in Sweden have a tendency to exclude young adults from the everyday debate, even in matters concerning themselves. To shed a light on them we created a concept called “A Million Voices”, based on the one million people in the ages 18-25 in Sweden. The concept includes a new service on UR’s homepage, where young adults can act, react and inspire together with their peers.

The walls on local transportation around the country are striped with a writable surface where the target group are encouraged to express any thoughts, ideas or opinions they have on their mind.

On the platform implemented on UR Play, anyone with an account can go in and create a discussion thread on a topic of choice. The more people who get involved in your topic, the more it grows. UR’s material and content is always available to learn more about the subject in order to start a new thread.