Add Patterns


Denise Nyberg, Public Relations
Hannah Sommargren, Digital Strategist 
Elias Sandbacka, Communication Design
Gabriel Röhdin, Production Management
Maja Stampe, Copywriter
Mathilda Blomquist, Art Director
Sofie Bengtsson, Strategic Communication


Stockholm Environmental Institute is an international non-profit research and policy organization that tackles environmental challenges. Our brief was to create an idea that creates shared value and witch SEI can use as an example of what the industry could do to contribute to sustainable consumption within the focus area food waste.


Our idea allows the consumer to be a part of the solution since household behavior about food begins in the fridge. We chose Superfront, a furniture company that manufactures and designs sustainable supplementary products for IKEAs frameworks. We wanted to add Superfront’s concept to the inside and not only act on the surface by creating a refrigerator collection to the inside of the fridge. We created three products that make the fridge more esthetically appealing and help you organize your food better.

The Spinner - Spinn the bottle. And cans. And tins. By rotating it you will see parts of your fridge that might otherwise be forgotten.

The Support – Made to give support. To pile up all your favorite drinks or stack groceries on top of each other to make room for your favorite food.

Save the date – These are made to store all your half eaten food. The boxes are airtight so your food will taste as fresh as it did yesterday.