All the Things that You are to Care About


Denise Nyberg, Public Relations
Lamin Ceesay, Public Relations
Victor Lindkvist, Art director
Sanna Gustavsson, Digital strategist
Nathalie Blücher, Digital creative
Mikaela Sandström, Communication Design
Sara Sällberg, Strategic Communication




The brief was to help Folksam communicate their long-term savings-service, with the long-term goal of gaining more saving-customers. Folksam is well known as an insurance company brand but has low brand awareness on the savings arena. Our task was to create awareness for Folksam as a savings brand within their incumbent communications concept.


The idea is to speak about the concept, “All the things that you are to care about”, in a way that shows that Folksam have a great understanding about the fact that people prioritize differently depending on where they are in life. “Sparbutiken” (The Gift Shop) is an idea within the concept and a way of consolidating it.

The concept All the things that you are to care about and the idea of Sparbutiken (The Gift Shop) did deduce from following human insights; It’s hard to imagine what you will care about in your far future. Many young people prorogue their long-term saving and believe it’s something abstract, boring and hard to get started. A friendly push from someone can help them get going. We therefore created the possibility to give a long-term saving to your loved ones as a gift. We choose to speak about long-term savings in terms of things you long for, and will long for later on, to make it feel more close and less abstract.

Sparbutiken (The Gift Shop) will be presented on, but also in physical pop up stores around Sweden in connection with feasts and festivals. On the site, you can give an amount of money as a saving to someone you care about. You can chose a ready made package, like the Valentine´s Day Saving Package or the Birthday Saving Package, or an optional choice. The receiver gets an illustrated gift card, and can log in to and see animations and graphs of their savings and goals.