Alla Hjärtans Barn


Anna Mellqvist, Public Relations
Annika Krusensten, Public Relations
Ebba Carlsson, Public Relations
Jonatan Peterson, Public Relations
Sofia Wedsberg, Public Relations


Create a PR driven idea that has the potential to draw attention to UNICEF's online gift shop connected to Valentine's Day February 14th.


Most charity organizations today focus on deadly diseases such as HIV and malaria. However, one of the biggest fears for people in Sweden is that someone we care about would get sick in a heart disease. We asked ourselves - What happens to all the children born with a heart disease in a developing country?

Onärtansbarn and on interactive screens around in Sweden a EKG-line is running. It’s up to the donors to keep the heart and the campaign alive or otherwise it will stop. Through Swish you can donate an optional amount of money making every Swedish Krona symbolize one heartbeat on the monitor. The donors will get their personal heartbeat and their name or a message to a beloved one will be shown on the monitor. 

The goal is to put the spotlight on children born with heart diseases in developing countries. This time Unicef does it for –Alla hjärtans Barn.