Beirut Bamba


Amanda Duverell, Public Relations
Josefin Günther, Public Relations
Patrizzia Ohlson, Public Relations
Sara Zeggai, Public Relations
Sofia Wedsberg, Public Relations


Sevan wanted a PR-concept with a shared value. The concept had to be connected to food, help build the brand and be based on Sevan’s value of being ”the enemy of prejudices”.


We believe that a more open, warm and friendly society starts with the sharing of a meal. The scientific model FAMM (five aspects meal model) tells us that there are several aspects that affect our meal experience. Introducing Beirut Bamba - an experiment where Sevan redesigns the lunch experience in elementary schools using the FAMM-model.

The goal is to create a more open environment that the children want to spend time and eat their lunch in. Beirut Bamba will, with the help of the middle eastern holistic perspective of the meal experience, challenge the culture in Swedish elementary school cafeterias. During one month we will transform the atmosphere and aesthetics by adding music, change the colors and add fabrics to the walls. The food will be served on the tables to encourage the kids to connect with each other. 

The solution offers brand recognition and strong positioning on the market. It challenges our resistance towards change and answers to being an enemy of prejudices. Just like Sevan, we are convinced that a more inclusive and friendly society starts with a shared meal.