Berits Bootcamp


Molly Nordgren, Strategic Communication
Jesper Nilsson Böös, Communication Design
Frida Ageborg, Digital Strategic
Gustav Nyqvist, Strategic Communikation
Emelie Sundwall, Public Relations


The mission was to create a new communicative concept for the driving academy, including a visual identity and digital platform. Two challenges were identified when looking into the company. Arboga Trafikskola has low brand awareness and the company has trouble with diversification, as many competitors offers similar services.


Getting your drivers license is a serious process which we chose to tackle in an easy going, modern and woke way. The modern feel and playfulness continues in the visual identity, which include an new logo, cheerful colors and arrows that guide you through the process. Berits Bootcamp is a new kind of Bootcamp - one that has lifelong results.