Burner King


Anna Salonen, Communication Design
Madeleine Richter, Communication Design


Young millennials. Those hard to reach, hard to please, skeptical and mysterious beings. Some of them aren’t vibing with Burger King because it’s too mainstream and easily accessible. The smaller, the better, the cooler, they say. To introduce them to Burger King and its delicious, flame-grilled burgers, we need drastic measures. That’s why Burger King is going off the grid. Literally.


Kort förklaring av idén: Burger King is dead. Long live Burner King, the new and reclusive concept restaurant. It´s as elusive and tradition-bucking as millenials themselves. We're pulling a publicity stunt to drive home the slightly tweaked proposition that flamegrilled is so good it should be illegal, by changing our name to something more suitable and making the entire process of ordering a flame-grilled Whopper feel illegal. We're basically turning Whoppers into contraband.