I'm Sorry & Thank you


Fideli Svensson, Strategisk kommunikation
Jacob Häggå, Strategisk kommunikation
Sukena Tran, Communication Design
Daniel Bokström, Digital kreatör
Petter Dufvenberg, Art Direction
Jenny Musial, Public Relations




BioGaia is a healthcare company with a vision to become a leader in probiotics. The problem is that only 50% of the Swedish population knows that probiotics can be consumed as a supplement and only 1/10 of those people know about the brand BioGaia. So how can we increase awareness and sales to a new range of products without making any health claims?


We decided to create a new brand identity and overarching concept for BioGaia. The campaign resulted in the concept “I’m Sorry & Thank You”. The campaign is based on a manifesto where BioGaia expresses the difficulty in combining a busy lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle. The idea is based on the insight that many people take their health for granted.

 As a part of the overarching concept a brand promise was created - “With Strength From the Stomach for Life”. A simple statement highlighting how BioGaia has been researching bacteria strains, and our gut’s impact on our overall health, for over 25 years.