Friends with Benefits


Clara Axner, Strategic Communication Simon Dorrian, Digital Strategic
Christian Hildebrandt, Production Manager
Sebastian Lund, Public Relations
Jenny Musial, Public Relations
Inez Härneman, Copywriter
Tina Jansson, Art Director
Angelica Öberg, Communication Design


Today, many vibrators are made of toxic PVC and all are made in one piece making them non-recyclable. For LELO, a Swedish high end pleasure objects brand, we developed a vibrator range with detachable and recyclable parts, setting them apart from all other vibrator brands. Our brief was to come up with a sustainable solution which benefits both LELO and the consumer.


LELO is a high end pleasure objects brand founded in Sweden. It operates in 55 countries and sold 16 million products in 2016. We developed “Friends with benefits”, the vibrator range that benefits both the planet and people. The electric engine is reusable and the parts detachable. All the vibrators are made out of 100% compostable bio-plastic materials, in a variety of different designs and colors. The vibrators on the market are made in one piece, making “Friends with Benefits” a pioneer.