Let the Kids Decide


Julia Samson, Strategic Communication
Felix Jängnemyr, Strategic Communication
Line Bomark, Public Relations
Filip Sjövall, Digital Creative
Simon Magnusson, Copywriter
Lisa Liljenberg, Communication Design


SF Kids


Define the core and main message of SF Kids to find a strong position for the brand. Create a communicative framework for a uniform tonality that can be taken out B2C as well as B2B.


By returning to the ambition of being the first choice of children, and showing children's unique perspectives on adult contexts.”Let the kids decide” (När barnen får bestämma) will attract parents attention by means of a warm, engaging and playful tone.

Keywords; Warm, Engaged, Playful. These values shall permeate everything that is created and communicated to appeal both B2C and B2B.

The color palette consists of five new, soft pastels based on the current colors. It’s a friendly palette embracing the values of SF Kids.

The patterns are used both in ads (digital and print) and on the SF Kids website for a united  tonality throughout the visual communication.