Level UP


Don Mynde, Communcation Design
Alexander Eriksson, Communication Design


Present a design concept for Arla that involves both a packaging solution and an integrated or connected digital layer. A concept that solves real consumer needs (known or still unknown), and has the potential to take milk and diary into the future.


Our research showed that 90% of today's youth denote themselves as gamers. By packing the milk into cylinder-shaped packages (CartoCans) we get the milk to melt into the shelf next to energy drinks & soda. As a digital solution, we placed QR codes under the "lid" of the package, when the customer collected 10 codes, they could collect a digital reward in the form of a CS: GO knife skin, a League of Legends character's skin or a pet or mount in World of Warcraft. A pilot for this concept could be in collaboration with Dreamhack or Inferno Online Stockholm, during E-Sport SM or other E-Sport events.