Life Changing Concept


Alexander Eriksson, Communication Design
Felix Sarwe Grankvist, Digital Creative
Fredrik Rylander, Digital Strategic
Joel Jonsson, Strategic Communication
Julia Högberg, Copywriter
Sofia Wedsberg, Public Relations




Medlearn approached us with the challenge to develop their brand in a direction that made it easier for them to communicate with their target group. The main purpose was to create a better understanding for Medlearns identity and their offering on the Swedish and Norwegian market.


We developed the overall concept “Life changing concept” – Where Medlearn can share stories about all the new opportunities people can reach by getting new knowledge. Medlearn also bring the opportunity to change the lives of others, through competent care. Considering this, we landed in a new payoff:
Medlearn - Life changing knowledge.

Tillhörande text: Within the pay-off “Life changing knowledge” we developed “altered lives”, a concept that allows Medlearn to communicate personal stories about the way that Medlearns classes can change people’s lives. The concept allows Medlearn to communicate personal stories about the transition from: unemployed to employed or immigrant to integrated citizen. Medlearn can also show their relevance by talking about the difference they can make in the patient's life. From sick to healthy and from lonely to taken care of. The concept keeps duality and change in focus and puts Medlearn as the facilitator of it.

In the experiment “Sick skills!” Medlearn challenges celebrities, who are specifically known for their exceptional skills. They get to perform their expertise while experiencing the symptoms of common health issues that students from Medlearn meet in their daily work. By letting some of our brightest talents talk about the vulnerability they experience as a consequence of the symptoms, we demonstrate that no one stands above the need of health and social care in the long run. There will always be a need for competent people, such as Medlearn graduates.