Luleå Rytmik & Balett


Mikaela Sandström, Communication Design


Luleå Rytmik & Balett is a non-profit dance association which started its operations in 1969 and offers a variety of dance classes for beginners as professionals. The academy is in need of a new communication concept and a visual identity that breathe and reflects their passion for dancing.


Luleå Rytmik & Balett is a place where you can feel free to move and dance for your own reason. Here everyone is welcome, young as old, beginners as professionals. Luleå Rytmik and Balett did receive, apart from a new visual identity, a communication concept and three films.

Why do we dance? Sometimes it may seem impossible to explain it, but at the same time it feels so obvious when we can’t stop moving to the rhythm of the music. Perhaps dance is the way we express ourselves when words aren’t enough. Some do it to meet new people others do it to try something new. For some, dancing is a way to move forward, to touch. For others, dancing is a lifestyle. We all have our own reasons for taking up dancing, but the happiness and joy we feel for it, we feel it together.