Pitch Perfect


Annika Li Krusensten, Public Relations
Alvin Marelius, Communication Design
Hanna Lundberg, Art Director
Lovisa van der Schoot, Public Relations
Sandra Knezevic, Strategic Communication
Simon Dorrian, Digital Strategic


Säljarnas Riksförbund


Säljarnas Riksförbund, a Swedish union for people in sales, needed a communication concept to recruit more members, preferably younger, as well as gain more brand knowledge.


Pitch Perfect is a PR-driven concept where you in collaboration with Säljarnas Riksförbund can get help selling objects on the online market Blocket. SR will help you with a perfected sales pitch in order for you to successfully sell you unsellable objects. SR will publish these perfected ads on Blocket and then share them on social media to gain attention.