Lisa Bergström, Communication Design


How do I create a tailored project for myself that highlights my strengths and bring out my core and believes within visual communication?


Rookie, an innovative ski gear brand, wants to encourage children’s development by creating a product range for adventure seeking kids. Through storytelling and interaction based design Rookie will connect their brand through the gear with the consumer in order to deliver a unique alpine experience.

The Characters - Rookie is a fictive brand that stands for innovation, experience and safety. They create and deliver high quality ski gear products for kids. Through the three Rookie characters the company emotionally connects the consumers with the brand. The characters teach the children about adventure, safety and skiing techniques.

The Rookie products – The products are colorful in order to attract the children and also enables parents to easily see their kids in the slope.

Helmet packaging – Simple and attractive for both parents and kids. Safety info graphics for the adults on the side and AR-experience for the children on the back.

Goggles packaging – Interaction invitation on the back side that encourages children to scan the packaging for a unique AR-experience filled with joy, safety tips and skiing technique.