the Girl Hoodie by Adidas


Adam Stark, Art Director
Julia Högberg, Copywriter


How can adidas use the power of sport as a catalyst for change? Create a solution that helps 17-25 year olds to improve the fabric of their home city.


The male domination of N.Y street sport courts is brutal. Boys and men making up to 95% of the users. The girl hoodie is a cooperation between adidas and street sporting girls. Enabling them to provide the decisionmakers with the data needed to build a city for a safe and inspiring girlhood.

 The girl hoodie is a sports jacket with GPS. By wearing it and logging on to the girl hoodie app, teenage girls can locate other sporting girls in their hood. At the same time they can provide city planners with insight on where teenage girls like to hang out, where they need to walk home late and which places they avoid. All in exchange for the promise of a future city where they will be the ones setting the standards.

 To create awareness of the hoodie and the app, adidas will arrange a street sport tournament for teenage girls, held on courts around the city. All competitors are rewarded with a Girl-hoodie. The tournament will be announced by a print campaign.