The Sigr Revolution


Vilma Heimer, Copywriter
Adam Stark, Art Director
Frida Ageborg, Digital Strategist
Rikard Lindholm, Strategic Communication
Emelie Sundwall, Public Relations
Don Mynde, Communication Design




The brief was to give Sigr a clear position on the market and increase awareness, foremost in Europe. We gave them a new brand promise, and a rebranding strategy. With the campaign Tour de Who we clearly state that from today on - everything that Sigr does, is for an equal biking culture.


We realized that one of the fundamental pillars of Sigr is equality - in everything from organization structures to their products. But whilst the cycling culture today opposes Sigr’s beliefs, we wanted Sigr to take a stand for equality. Throughout a new identity platform and communication strategy.

 Sigr dresses up in new clothing on their website as well. Here, we wanted the new concept and equality thinking to be the basis of every thought put into it.