Travelers Think Light


Christoffer Norsander, Production Manager
Daga Simonsson, Copywriter
Julia Samson, Strategic Communication
Maja Nylund, Communication Design
Maria Bergström, Strategic Communication
Max Brennan, Public Relations
Sabina Beldelius, Digital Creative


Come up with an idea for a company that creates shared value. That is, an idea that has commercial, customer and social value, i. e. contributes to solving a societal problem. This time the focus issue was environmental sustainability.
We chose SAS as the company for our shared value idea.


When traveling, many of us tend to pack things we don’t need. Due to the correlation between added weight and increased fuel usage in airplanes - leaving unnecessary items would have a positive impact on the environment. Travelers Think Light creates incentive for SAS travelers to pack lighter.

If all passengers with checked luggage on SAS’s direct flights between Stockholm and Los Angeles would reduce their luggage with an average of 0,7 kg (approximately the weight of one hard backed book), emissions would be reduced with over 1 200 000 kg, or 1200 tonnes per year. That is the amount of carbon dioxide as a car lets out going between Stockholm and Paris over 3400 times.