Velo Cash Back


Fideli Svensson, Strategic Communication
Emelie Sundwall, Public Relations
Gustav Mårtensson, Digital Creator
Signe Belfiore, Art Director
Andreas Karlsson, Art Director
Anna Mellqvist, Public Relations
Amin Soudani, Production Manager


To choose a brand within the mobility sector and create a concept that through the business model of Shared Value works towards the 2017 UN environmental goals.


Velo CashBack is an economical incentive for people to use their bicycles as a mean of transportation. It’s a new discount strategy that will reward the cyclists with a cash-back every time the cyclist passes the boarder to the inner city. The reward will match the amount of the car toll and will be valid once a day for a year after the purchase. All electronic bicycles from BikeID have a personalized ID and an app with a GPS that will register when the cyclist passes the boarder and transfer the money to the cyclists account.

The foundation of Shared Value is a trifecta where companies profit economically, ad value to the consumer and contribute to a better society.

There is a clear positioning advantage of Velo CashBack. It places BiKEID as the company that is taking an active role towards a less polluted world.

Like traditional discount campaigns, Velo CashBack is perceived to have a positive impact on sales, however, this without compromising the brand equity.

Out of the daily 350 000 commuters, 111 487 live within an average of 3.4 km to work. Driving a car 3.4 km is the equivalent to an average of 1 kg carbon dioxide emission. This means that in Stockholm alone we could decrease the carbon dioxide emission by 222 974 kg a day through Velo CashBack. This cash back system brings value to the consumers and initiates a change in behavior simply by offering a reward every time they choose a bike as their mean of transportation.