We Can Love You Better


Anna Mellqvist, Public Relations
Caroline Hotti, Communication Design
Julian Marké
Kevin Krooks, Art Director
Lina Bergman, Copywriter
Malva Brandt, Digital Strategic




To position Casumo’s employer brand by creating an recruitment campaign targeting developers based in Europe.


We Can Love You Better - A recruitment campaign targeting the group of unloved and unstimulated developers currently working in the finance and banking sector, by communicating directly to them where they go to work everyday - in financial districts all around Europe.

On outdoor communication spaces the developers will be encouraged to visit the given URL address. Entering the web page, they will have to finish the site’s Javascript in order to unlock its message. Casumo will then be reviled as the company standing behind the ads, followed by a loving message telling the developers how much they admire them for their hard work and that they think it’s time for them to join their geek family, leaving their boring banking days behind.