We Love Fuckups


Dante Presno Andrén, Strategic Communication
Gustav Mårtensson, Digital Creative
Jacqueline Hellstedt, Copywriter
Maria Bergström, Strategic Communication
Martina Ståhl Rohdin, Communication Design
Sebastian Lund, Public Relations 




Create a scalable employer branding strategy, as well as a 360 campaign. The aim is to increase awareness and consideration for Semcon as an employer. A secondary goal is to increase Semcon’s brand awareness. The main target group is young professionals with approximately 3-8 years of work experience.


We developed a 360 campaign based on Semcon’s brand platform, as well as an employee value proposition (EVP) and an employer vision. We also delivered a public relations plan.

The EVP aims to summarize which values Semcon will communicate to its audience. We have chosen values that can differentiate and are credible for Semcon - as well as attractive to the target group. The three values are:
- Personal and professional development
- Forgiving and creative work culture
- Ability to make a difference

In line with the brand platform and strategy, the F*ck Up Campaign communicates Semcon's position as the humane and warm technology consulting company. Based on the insight that “one must fail in order to succeed” the campaign conveys the message that Semcon loves F*ck ups. The F*ck-Up Campaign frames people se every mistake we make, makes us an experience richer.

The PR work is necessary in order to reinforce the message that both the campaign and the strategy represents. To maximize reach, we want to put Semcon in as many contexts as possible. In that way, Semcon can become even more relevant to potential candidates. An example is the debate about the increase in work related stress. Here, Semcon can take a stand against unrealistic expectations and offer a work environment in which coworkers are allowed to make mistakes, and thus, grow.